Dikran Matevosyan
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Forest Temple

Forest temple




Shinrin Jiin translates to Forrest Temple. The first goal was to create a brand identity system for the temple in order for it to be able to create a presence for itself and attract a greater number of tourists and visitors. The second goal was to create a navigation system for the temple.

The tree and the figure in the logo conceptualize the connection between the temple and nature. The negative space between the two figures create a circle representing the sun, an incredibly important sybol in Japanese culture.

Process work

Brand guidelines

Some of the key points of the brand guideline developed for the temple include proper spacing and color usage.


Color Usage

In order to stay on brand, the only the following colors may be used for collateral.

Leaf Green
C: 44M: 23 Y: 93 K: 2
R: 154 G: 163B: 67
L: 65 A: -14 B: 7

Forest Green
C: 65M: 51Y: 86K: 50
R: 63G: 69B: 39
L: 28 A: -7 B: 17

Dark Green
C: 67M: 54Y: 87K: 62
R: 49G: 55 B: 29

Rich Black
C: 75M: 68Y: 67K: 90
R: 1G: 1 B: 1


The spacing between the logo in relation to any other graphic or text should always be kept at a minimum distance outlined by a boundary. The size of the boundary is 1.375 times bigger than the logo.