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Honey I'm Home

Honey I'm Home

Pesticides & Pollinators

Aside from being cute, yellow, and fuzzy, bees play an enormous role in maintaining our ecosystems and agricultural frameworks since they are arguably the world’s most important pollinator. In the past 30 years or so, however, bee populations have be declining at alarming rates, puzzling concerned scientists around the globe. Although current research allows us to have a general understanding as to why bees having been declining in numbers, there is still loads of information that we don’t quite yet fully understand. We will be discussing different types of threatened bees, potential factors for bee decline, the impact that bees have on society, and steps we can take to help this important issue.


Creating a brand identity and an online subscription service in order to raise awareness by educating consumers about the decline in bee population while simultaneously promoting promoting support for bee-friendly products and generating funds for bee conservation efforts.


User Research

The Popularity in Subscription Services

From 2014 to 2017, subscription services have grown substantially being an increasing of 800% in web-traffic. Netflix and Spotify showed people that subscribing to something became more fun and exciting and less painful than paying for a an entire movie or an album. 

The Pain Points

Understanding why 5.7 million Americans have subscription services is key to creating a successful subscription service

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Honey I'm Home

The result of the research done on consumer preferences combined with the alarming rate at bee population decline has led to the creation of the subscription service Honey I'm Home. With this subscription service, consumers are introduced to a variety of locally sourced products that would not exist without the help of our helpful pollinators, the bees. All products are organic which assures no bees were harmed in the process.  

All the proceeds from this subscription service directly go to bee conservation efforts making

In the Box

In the box, the consumer will find: 

3 Different spreads
2 Packets of nuts
1 Seed packet with instructions
1 All-natural pesticide
1 Sticker
And a thank you card

More About the Service

Each month the subscriber will receive a different spreads, nuts, seeds, stickers, and all-natural pesticides. The user may also go online to customize their order to choose different options or swap products, such as dried fruits instead of spreads.